Oxballs Donkey Silicone Strapless Dildo 11in - Black

Oxballs Donkey Silicone Strapless Dildo 11in - Black

Price :$152.24 $101.49

  • Product Sku: OXB-9415
  • Manufacturer: Blue Ox Designs Llc
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: August 28, 2014


Thick, long, with a slight upward curve...get hung like a DONKEY!

- Pure Platinum Cure Silicone
- Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, and silicone lubes
- Cleaning: always clean stretchy toys after use, use detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in mild bleach-water solution. You can even boil it...we recommend storing all toys dry wrapped in a piece of fabric or laid out separately in your toy chest...

Total Length: 11"
Total Circumference: 8 3/4"
Usable Length: 10 1/2"
Smallest Usable Circumference: 5"
Largest Usable Circumference: 8"

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